Operating and Capital Plans

Three-Year Operating Plan and Multi-Year Capital Plan

What is the purpose of these plans?

The purpose of the Three-Year Operating Plan is to provide an overview of the operating activities for the upcoming three years.  This ensures that the Town is planning for future activities and services, along with being financially prepared for these future projects.  These plans align with the Strategic Plan set forth by Council.  This plan estimates future years' revenues and expenditures based on the 2022 budget year.
The Multi-Year Capital Plan provides an overview of the long-range plans of the various proposed capital projects to be undertaken by the Town.  Again, these plans align with the Strategic Plan set forth by Council.  The Town is responsible for significant infrastructure related to the water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer transmission and distribution systems throughout the Town.  Further, within the Town we have a number of recreation facilities.  Between the facilities, equipment and infrastructure which the Town takes care of, many of these projects require a significant capital investment as most are very expensive to maintain, upgrade or eventually replace.
Below you will find our current 2022 Three Year Operating Plan and Multi-Year Capital Plan.