Candidate Information

Candidate Information

In accordance with the Local Authorities Act (LAEA), citizens who are considering running in the next Municipal Election are accountable for ensuring their own eligibility.  Please refer to the LAEA to determine your eligibility as as candidate.
Information for Town of Barrhead Candidates has been prepared to assist candidates through the campaign process during the 2021 Municipal Election.  Further, the Government of Alberta has created a Candidate's Guide to Running for Municipal Office in Alberta.  This provincial guide provides information regarding elections during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Forms required for nomination:
Form 5 - Candidate Financial Information (Available early January 2021 from Government of Alberta) 
*All candidates, regardless of being self-funded or accepting contributions, are required to file a disclosure statement with the Town of Barrhead by March 1, 2022.  Candidates are required to disclose names and addresses of donors whose contributions exceed $50.

For a list of all election forms for the municipal election, visit the Government of Alberta website.

Important Dates

 Nomination Period
January 1, 2021 to September 20, 2021 
 Advance Voting Days TBD
 Election Day  October 18, 2021

A person is eligible to be nominated as a candidate for Councillor or for Mayor if:
  • They are over the age of 18;
  • They are a Canadian Citizen;
  • They have been a resident of the Town of Barrhead for at least (6) consecutive months prior to Nomination Day (or since March 20, 2021); and,
  • They are not otherwise ineligible.
Please note that there are ways in which a person may be ineligible to run a as a candidate.  For a complete listing of ineligibility, please consult the Local Authorities Election Act

For more information please contact

Cheryl Callihoo, Returning Officer
Town of Barrhead
Box 4189, 5014 - 50 Ave
Barrhead, AB, T7N 1A2
Phone:  780-674-3301

In this section you will find some commonly asked questions made by people like you, interested in running for municipal office.  The answers to these questions were developed through a partnership between Alberta Municipal Affairs, the Alberta Urban Muncipalities Association (AUMA), and the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA).
AUMA also has a web page dedicated to Women in Munciipal Government with information and resources.
The following has been extracted from the AUMA website

What is it like to be a municipal elected official?

In the following videos, AUMA and RMA Board members discuss what it is like to be a municipal elected official.


How do I run for municipal office?

Running for municipal office may seem intimidating, but Municipal Affairs has prepared a number of resources to help potential candidates understand the process.
The 2021 Candidates Guide provides a detailed overview of what to consider prior to seeking nominations as a candidate, the nomination process, campaign financing and how to campaign.  Please note that the 2021 Candidates Guide includes some temporary alterations to address COVID-19 public health and safety protocols.
For additional general information on munciipal elections and election processes, we encourage you to review the extensive suite of resources developed to support municipalities and Returning Officers in conducting their respective municipal elections here.
For specific questions related to the Town of Barrhead's nomination, campaigning and election process, scroll to the top of this page.

How does COVID affect municipal campaigns and elections?

As noted, the 2021 Candidates Guide has been modified where applicable to address specific changes made to the election process to address publich health guidelines related to COVID-19.
Furthermore, Alberta Municipal Affairs has developed a COVID-19 Risk Reduction Guide for the upcoming 2021 municipal elections.

What to expect when I'm elected?

AUMA and RMA's Elected Officials Education program provides an orientation course, Munis 101:  The Essentials of Municipal Governance following the municipal elections in November.  Visit to learn more.
AUMA holds their conventions in November, providing additional learning and networking opportunities for elected officials and municipal administrators alike.
Municipal Affairs' website also includes useful information for elected officials:
Recognizing that economic development  is on the minds of many candidates, Alberta Jobs, Economy and Innovation has developed a video on Economic Development for Elected Officials.  The 15 minute video explains what economic development is, what drives it, the role of elected officals, where to begin, and tips for success.  In addition, the video highlights further support and information available from the Ministry's Regional Economic Development Services and Economic Developers Alberta.

Where can I find more information?

If you still have questions contact Municipal Affairs at 780-427-2225 (Dialing 310-0000 before their phone number for toll free service).  Or, email

Women in Municipal Government

Visit AUMA's Women in Municipal Governance Hub for more information and resources to help encourage you to run for municipal office.