All-Wheels Park Sponsorship



Imagine a plaza filled with local and visiting youth, families, and extreme sport tourism enthusiasts enjoying a park that you helped build!

Welcome to our planned professional All-Wheel Park to be located in Barrhead, Alberta.  Park construction is funded by the Town of Barrhead for a budgeted construction cost of $800K.  Construction is almost complete.

The population of Barrhead and its surrounding County is over 10,000 of which 10% are under the age of 25.  Sponsorship of this park is an excellent opportunity to increase brand recognition and build a positive brand image.

Your sponsorship by way of in-kind and cash donations will assist with the provision and installation of additional amenities such as sod, trees & shrubs, seating, washrooms and additional all-wheels related repair stations and features.


Demonstrated Community Commitment. Demonstrating to the community your commitment in supporting youth and family related projects builds closer and lasting business recognition and brand image.  In recognition of your sponsorship, we will make sure your brand and message are seen across multiple platforms, including events, merchandise, website and social media to ensure our audience is aware of your support and connect to your company or brand.

Increased Tourism. Bringing more visitors, including families, to our local area who will in turn bring new revenue and opportunities for local businesses.  Your business will see an increased awareness due to strategically placed brand logos on sponsored features throughout the park.

Support Local Recreation Amenities. Your sponsorship will help make this park possible, adding a much needed recreation amenity for youth and young adults in the greater Barrhead region.  The skatepark will be located close to schools on a town-owned vacant lot already designated for the park.  Your branding will be seen by a wider audience as the park will not only draw in children from the local community, but users from surrounding communities.

Support Safe Amenity Design. Creating a safe, responsibly designed and attractive professional concrete park that will, unlike our previous park, be a permanent structure in the Town of Barrhead, and continue to be a draw for many years to come.  It will also compliment and attract visitors from other recreational facilities in both Barrhead and surrounding communities.


Click here for our sponsorship package where you will learn more about all-wheel parks, safety surrounding them, benefits for our youth, and sponsorship levels and benefits.

For more information, contact the Town Office at 780-674-3301 or email


Members of our community are petitioning local organizations and businesses to name the park after the late Dr. Wray who contributed several decades of his medical career to families in Barrhead.

For more information about the initiative, visit their Facebook group here.

If you wish to donate towards the park being named after Dr. Wray, please click on the appropriate form below:

Dr. Wray All-Wheels Park Naming Project Donation form for Organizations

Dr. Wray All-Wheels Park Naming Project Donation form for Individuals

Please note, these forms are mandatory in order to provide a donation for the Dr. Wray project.

The Town of Barrhead is not affiliated with this project.  For more information please contact organizers through their Facebook group.