The Town of Barrhead provides water, sewage and solid waste collection for individuals and businesses located in Barrhead. Utility rates for each of these items are established by Council through the annual budget process. Revenue generated from utility bills help pay for the cost of providing these services, including the needed infrastructure. 
Utilities are billed on bi-monthly basis, every January, March, May, July, September and November, by the Town.  As the Town does not provide natural gas or electricity services, property owners will need to set up separate accounts with a third party provider to access these services. Please note that only Titled Owners of a property can setup and hold utility accounts.
Important: If your utility bill seems higher than usual, check the total consumption amount of water on your bill and compare to previous bills. If the water consumed seems abnormally high, you may have a water leak. Check all taps, toilets, and water heaters for water. If you cannot locate a leak, call 780-674-3301 so we can investigate your account. 

Utility costs (water, sewer, and waste collection) are self-funded meaning utility fees are only used towards management, maintenance, and operation of utility-based infrastructure. Property taxes do not contribute towards utility costs. To cover any gaps between expenses and utility fees, the Town uses grant funding, borrowing, and development levies associated with water and sewer infrastructure for new or rehabilitated utility infrastructure. Council reviews your Public Utilities rates every year to ensure that the utilities operating costs are covered. When necessary, Council may increase Public Utilities rates in small increments to keep your services running smoothly and to plan for future capital improvements. This is set forth annually in the Municipal Public Utilities Bylaw.


Metered Service

 Flat fee $30.00 per month
 Water Consumption Rate$2.44 per cubic metreconsumed


 Basic Residential Pick Up$15.55 per month (65 Gallon Cart)
$24.90 per month (95 Gallon Cart)
 Apartments/Multi-Residential (3 units or more - Bin provided)$10.95 per month per unit
 Duplex  $15.55 per month per unit
 Mobile Home Park
 where no bins are provided and stops are required for each or every second mobile unit
$15.55 per month per unit
 Mobile Home Park
 where self-unloading bins are provided
$10.95 per month per unit
 Commercial/Industrial/Institutional ($70.00 per month minimum)$140.00 per hour 
 Commercial Light (65 or 95 Gallon Cart) where the collection is once a week$24.90 per month
 Any building or business that does not fall into any of the classifications mentioned$10.95 per month


Replacement due to loss or damage.

 65 Gallon Cart$100
 95 Gallon Cart$125
 2 yard bin$950
 4 yard bin$1250
 6 yard bin$1500
 8 yard bin$1850


 Sewer Rate35% of the cost of water usage,
including the flat monthly fee plus the consumption charge

The Town is committed to providing residents with safe and reliable water & sewer services. Guided by the Barrhead Regional Water Commission, the Public Works department manages and maintains these utility services. Each home, and most businesses, have a remote reader on the exterior of their buildings, so there is no need for Town staff to enter the premises to read the meter. The meters are read, and bills mailed bi-monthly. If you have concerns about your bill or metered use, contact us at 780-674-3301.

Opening & Closing Accounts

  • To connect your service, call or visit the Town Office in person a minimum of 48 hours before you take possession of your new residence.
  • New homes without an existing meter require a service appointment booked through the Town Office. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to install a new meter and begin service.
  • You must provide the service address, billing address (if different), landowner name, contact information, and possession date with your connection request.
  • Closing or moving a utility account requires a minimum of 48 hours notice along with a forwarding address and disconnection date. No charges are incurred beyond your move out date although you will not receive your final bill until the next regular billing cycle.

Paperless Notifications

Register to receive your bills via email!  Use this application form to register.

Paying Your Bill

You can pay your utility bills in several convenient methods:

  • Internet and telephone banking
  • At financial institutions;
  • Pre-authorized payments (application form)
  • In-person at the Town Office (8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday)

Utility bills are due buy the end of the billing month. If you received your bill at the beginning of July for example, your bill will be due July 31.

Overdue Accounts

If you know you will be delayed in making a payment, please contact our office immediately to make arrangements.

A 2.5% penalty is immediately applied to overdue accounts and a reminder notice sent to the account holder. Should payment not be received nor any arrangements made, a disconnection notice will be placed on the door and the water will be disconnected the following day after 10:00am. Disconnections are scheduled for the third week of the month.  Water service will be re-connected immediately following payment of the full outstanding amount and the applicable $60.00 re-connection fee. Renters with grandfathered accounts who are disconnected have 48 hours to pay their outstanding balance in full to prevent permanent closure of the account. A new account must be opened in the property owner's name for a re-connection of service.

General Waste Collection Information

To guarantee that your garbage is picked up it must be out by 7:00AM on your scheduled pick-up day. There is no collection on Statutory Holidays. Waste is picked up the days immediately following a Statutory Holiday. Check the Waste Collection Schedule to determine your collection day or contact the Town Office at 780-674-3301.

Waste Collection Requirements:

  • All garbage must be contained in a disposable garbage bag.
  • No bag may weigh more than 55lbs.
  • Animal waste and obnoxious matter must be double bagged.
  • Lawn clippings and landscaping refuse like tree branches must be brought to the Composting Lot located at 4515 61 Avenue (East of the Firehall) for further processing.
  • Hazardous materials or waste such as paint, motor oils, car batteries must be taken to the Barrhead Regional Landfill and cannot be disposed of through curb-side waste collection.

Residences/businesses that do not respect these rules or the health and safety of our collection staff will receive Violation Notices and their garbage may not be collected.

2024 Bulk Water

  • Commercial Accounts: $200 Deposit - Refundable when account closes
  • Residential Accounts: $50 Deposit - Refundable when account closes
  • $25 + tax Administration Fee
  • $9.50/m3 for Bulk Water Account
  • $12.50/m3 for those paying by debit/credit
Other Information
  • Bulk water fill only accepts debit and credit cards unless you have an Account
  • Accounts have an ID number and a pin number
  • Account holders are billed monthly
  • Size of hookup is 1/2", 2", and 3"
  • Must bring your own hose

Location: 4406 62a Ave, Barrhead, AB

For additional utilities please contact the following providers:
Electricity & Gas
For the most up to date listing of local utility providers including their rates visit EnergyRates.ca
For power outages and street light issues contact Fortis Alberta 310-9473
Phone, Internet, and Cable
Shaw 1-888-472-2222
Telus 1-888-811-2323

MCSNet 1-866-390-3928