Invest in Barrhead

Business Attraction

Eager to support business development and attraction the Town of Barrhead regularly collects data from local businesses. These surveys provide insight into the regional business climate and the role of the municipal administration in creating a favourable environment for investment.

Exciting business opportunities are available in the value-added agriculture sector. Local companies are active in processing crops, manufacturing livestock feeds and pet foods, processing meats and developing neutriceutical products. Consumer demand for healthy foods is increasing and the expanding market for certified organic livestock and crops represents and attractive investment opportunity.

In addition to Barrhead's agricultural base, the town is a major service centre for Alberta's active resource sectors and has a strong manufacturing component. Forestry, oil, gas and mining operations, along with manufacturing of lottery tickets, custom footwear, furniture, plastics and pre-cast structural concrete contribute significantly to Barrhead's stable economy.

Economic Development

The Councils of both the County and the Town of Barrhead actively support business development and attraction. Our Economic Development Office is committed to supporting your business venture with market planning and research.
For information on local statistics, demographics & economic indicators, click here.

For Economic Development inquiries, please contact Ed LeBlanc, CAO, at