Legislative Services

Legislative Services

The Legislative Services Department is responsible for providing a high level of administrative support to Council and its committees as well as the Executive Leadership Team. Legislative Services acts as the liaison between the community and Council.

The duties of the Legislative Services Department includes the following:

  • Prepares Council agendas and schedules Council meetings.
  • Records and communicates decisions of Council and their boards and committeesPrepares 
  • Acts as the clerk to the Assessment Review Board
  • the Municipal Planning Commission, and the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
  • Manages councillor budgets and administrative requirements
  • Act as election returning officer; conducts and reports results for municipal and school board elections and plebiscites
  • Acts as Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) coordinator, including receiving and administering all FOIP requests
  • Acts as the Business License inspector 
  • Acts as the Assistant Director of Disaster Service
  • Maintains the Town's GIS services
  • Maintains all bylaws, policies, corporate records and minutes, as well as the corporate seal 

If you require assistance with anything on the above list of duties, or if you are looking to present at the next Council meeting, contact: 

Cheryl Callihoo
Director of Development & Legislative Services

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