Presenting to Council

Presenting to Council

While Council is available to residents outside of Council Meetings, sometimes individuals may want to formally speak with Council on record. This is done through a formal Council meeting which includes the individual and the topic they would like to discuss or present. 

Although there are different methods of getting a topic or presentation on the agenda, the first step is to contact the Town via phone, mail, hand delivery, or email to discuss the nature of your request:

Attn: Director of Legislative Services
5014-50 Avenue, Box 4189
Barrhead, Alberta T7N 1A2

There are varying methods of presenting to Council, so it is important to speak with the Legislative Services Director to ensure that the information and goals of the individual are properly presented. Sometimes concerns can be handled at the administrative level and do not need to be presented to Council to be resolved or addressed.

Official requests to be on the agenda must be received no later than noon on the Wednesday prior to a scheduled Council Meeting. All materials such as letters, emails, other documents, and formal presentations become part of the public agenda and public record.

This is a worthwhile option for individuals who cannot or prefer not to physically attend a Council Meeting but still have relevant information that they wish Council to consider. A written document is submitted and added to the agenda for Council’s consideration.
It could be as simple as a letter bringing a topic to Council’s attention, providing feedback regarding a current issue, or a formal request for Council to make a decision on an item. The purpose of the information must be clearly communicated. If a Council decision is requested, it must be presented concisely and plainly. 

This option may take longer should a decision be requested as the individual is not present to answer questions Council may have. Administration will have to bring forth answers at a later date for Council to consider. If time is of the essence the opportunity for dialogue is important, so a registered presentation is recommended.
Also termed a Delegation, this is an individual or group presenting a topic in person to Council for their consideration. This could be for information purposes relating to an existing topic or to bring Council’s attention to a new or unaddressed issue. Should a formal decision be requested by Council following the presentation, it must be presented concisely and plainly.

The presentation must stay on topic and is limited to 15 minutes total. We recommend that the presentation be roughly 10 minutes in maximum length allowing time for Council to ask questions and have a dialogue with the presenters.

Presentations must be received in accordance with the agenda submission timelines listed above. Presentations not pre-approved by Administration will be permitted. Presenters must respect the formal nature of the Council meeting and abide by the underlying parliamentary principles associated with dignity and decorum in public assemblies and use polite and respectful language when addressing Council. 
A petition is a formal request, signed by a required number of electors, submitted to Council for an action to be taken on a particular topic or issue. A petition may be registered on an agenda as an information item or in conjunction with a presentation.

It is important to note that petitions have very strict legal guidelines they must follow to be considered as ‘eligible’ according to Alberta Municipal Affairs. Before an individual or group begins collecting signatures, it is strongly advised that they contact the Director of Legislative Services to ensure the petition meets the guidelines and can be considered by Council.