COVID-19 Financial Supports for Individuals

CAlberta Urban Municipalities Association has created a fantastic spreadsheet detailing what services are available for individuals, self-employed and employers.  You can view this here.


COVD-19 has presented workers with layoffs and enforced self-isolations.  As a result, an unprecedented number of citizens are in need of financial assistance.
Below you will find a compilation of resources available for those individuals who can no longer work due to self-isolation, those caring for children now out of school or child care, and those who are caring for someone who is suffering from COVID-19 or have contracted COVID-19 themselves.

Government of Alberta


Government of Canada

Other notable announcements by the Government of Canada 

  • Electronic signatures will be temporarily recognized for tax forms T183 or T183CORP, which are forms that are signed in person by millions of Canadians every year to authorize tax preparers to file taxes.