Recreation Program Instructor


The Town of Barrhead Parks & Recreation Department is seeking instructors who can facilitate fun, exciting, and safe recreation programs for children, adults, seniors, and families on a contract basis.


  • Use of our facilities including the Barrhead Regional Aquatics Centre, Agrena, parks, and sports grounds
  • Advertisement on the Town's social media, website, and program guide
  • Management of the registration process, including online registration, in-person registration, payment processing (cash, cheque, debit, Visa, MasterCard), handling refunds and credits
  • A negotiable instructor fee


  1. Submit a Recreation Program Instructor Application Form by one of the listed methods in the application.
  2. Parks & Recreation will review your application and assess its alignment with the Department's standards and programming needs.
  3. If approved, a proposal meeting will be arranged to discuss facility needs and availability, program dates and times, registration minimum and maximum requirements, course description, and fee structure.
  4. If an agreement is reached between the Department and instructor, a formal written agreement will be signed by both parties.


Professional Conduct

Although contracted recreation program instructors are not Town of Barrhead employees, they do do represent the Town.  To some participants, the instructor may be the only representative of the Town they will be in contact with.  Instructors must conduct themselves in a professional manner including dressing and speaking professionally and supporting Town of Barrhead policies.


All course registrations are handled by the Parks & recreation Department. Contracted instructors are not to collect any money.  participants who have not registered and paid for a course may not participate until payment has been received. The instructor will be require to take attendance at the beginning of every class to ensure all participants are fully enrolled.

Instructor Fees and Invoicing

The instructor fee is based on several factors including:

  • Competitive rate of similar program instructors
  • Level of experience, qualifications, and certifications that the instructor retains
  • Cost recovery model

The instructor fees will be discussed at the program proposal meeting. Invoices are submitted at the completion of a course, and are submitted to the Recreation Programs & Services Coordinator. Invoices must contain the contracted instructor's full name and address and list the Town of Barrhead as the billing party.

Program Fees

Program fees for participants are based on a cost recovery model. Each program will have a minimum and maximum number of participants, and if minimum registration numbers are not reached the course will be cancelled.


The Town of Barrhead will advertise the program in our program guide, on, and social media including Facebook and Twitter.

Any advertising the contracted instructor wishes to do, must be represented as a Town of Barrhead program and must be approved by the Recreation Programs and Services Coordinator.

Attendance Sheets

All instructors will be provided with an updated roster at the beginning of the program session. Any changes to the roster will be communicated to the instructor. It is the instructor's responsibility to take attendance for each class, and return the roster sheets tot he Recreation Programs and Services Coordinator at the completion of the program.

Course Cancellations

All programs are based on a cost recovery model, and if minimum registration requirements are not met, the course will be cancelled. All contracted instructors will be informed no later than one week prior to the program start date if the course is cancelled.


The Parks & Recreation Department will work to suit the needs of the program; however, occasionally not all needs can be met due to facility availability, program time frame, etc. The Department reserves the right to make changes and adjustments to facility assignments as needed.


The Parks & Recreation Department staff will assist with setup/takedown of Town-owned equipment including tables, chairs, fans, speakers, etc. The contracted instructor will be responsible for setup/takedown of their own equipment and materials such as exercise equipment, craft supplies, etc. The instructor is responsible for leaving the facility in the same and/or better condition than it was found.

For inquiries or further information, please contact Linda Prokott, Recreation Programs & Services Coordinator at 780-674-2532 or email

Download the Instructor Application Form here.