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fridays 9 - 9:45 am at the aquatics centre

On Friday March 31, the Town of Barrhead is introducing a new yoga fitness class to our mix - Aqua Yoga!  Learn how to adapt traditional yoga workout practices to an aquatic environment.

The buoyancy of the water will help you to naturally lift your body in a safe manner using stretching exercises combined with flexibility exercises.  Aqua yoga is the best exercise to help everyone with and without joint issues improve flexibility and increase balance, range of motion, and most importantly, strength in this aqua fitness program.

As with traditional yoga, you will notice reduced stress and anxiety as a focus of these workout classes.  Through the mind-body connection, and harnessing the healing & massaging power of water, you will connect breath and movement to create a unique in-water yoga class experience.

class format

Classes will consist of 45 minutes of movement in the warm water of the leisure pool, followed by 10 - 15 minutes of socializing and relaxing in the hot tub.  You will be able to use noodles, kickboards, and aqua dumb bells to assist with balancing and floatation.

Class capacity is set at 15 people due to space and instructor to participant ratio. The class will be held in the leisure pool open space which will be closed to the general pubic during class time.

As this class is a relaxed format, aqua yoga is suited to all skill levels.

This is a new class, changes might occur to format and instruction style as we work through the program.

more information

To learn more about these classes and our other aquatics programs, call 780-674-2532 or email recreation@barrhead.ca