Mayor & Council

Mayor & Council 

The Town of Barrhead Council is the legislative body that represents our community.  Council is responsible for creating and reviewing policies and programs in efforts to better the community as a whole. Our Council works in the interest of the municipality by making decisions for local issues and services.

Council is made up of seven members, one mayor and six councilors. These individuals were elected in the 2021 election and will serve our town for four years.
Elected October 2021 Top left to right: Councillor Anthony Oswald, Councillor Don Smith, Councillor Ty Assaf, Councillor Dave Sawatzky
Bottom left to right: Councillor Dausen Kluin, Mayor David McKenzie, Councillor Rod Klumph
Visit the Calendar for information about meeting dates.
For information on how municipalities are governed, funded, and developed visit: Municipal Affairs

Meet Your Mayor And Council

Click on their images to learn more about each individual

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