BARCC Connect


What It Means 

This is a free service provided to residents by the Barrhead and Regional Crime Coalition. The purpose of this service is for the Town and local RCMP to send out time-sensitive information to the residents who need it most. This is a voluntary program to keep residents better informed and to get the information they need when they need it. Residents can choose how they want to stay informed:

  • SMS Messaging: Messages sent directly to your mobile device. Perfect for short but vital alerts no matter where you go.
  • Voice Call: Both Landlines and Cell Phones are able to register for a call. This is an excellent option for users who do not have internet or smart phone access.
  • Email: A brief email message is sent to your inbox with alert details. 

How to Register

New registrants can use the form below to create an account. To modify your existing account select the MY ACCOUNT link at the top right corner of the form. For assistance registering visit or contact our office at 780-674-3301 or For details on how this information is used visit our Privacy Policy.